MAMA X Pantropical: Afterparty Opening Is There Any World To Come?
Bebedera, Dass, Yon Eta & Christian Baas
Afterparty: 28-01-2017
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Bebedera, Dass, Yon Eta & Christian Baas
De officiële afterparty van de Opening Is There Any World To Come?
A headline set from DJ BeBeDeRa, who will be introducing the craziest Tarraxo and Fodencia; raw, industrial sounding and entrancing Portuguese underground bass subgenres that are made predominantly by young producers from Angola, Cape Verde and other former Portuguese colonies – sounds with a healthy disregard for conventions that never really surfaced in the Netherlands. Dass will throw in solid Afro House and other Afro genres. Yon Eta and Christian Baas will add to the rabid eclecticism.

BEBEDERA (ao | BeBeDeRa/*B.By.RS)
Bebedera is an Angolan-born producer and DJ who started playing Tarraxo and Fodencia in 2010, following DJ Puto É and DJ Puma's work in particular. Both Puto É and Puma were instrumental in developing aforementioned styles around the time, and, in turn, took their cues from Tarraxo originator DJ Znobia. At a later stage Bebedera crossed paths with Maboku (Pantropical 2016.07.02), and the latter encouraged him to produce his first track "Fodencia Pesada". Bebedera's name resounds throughout the Portuguese underground eversince. This is Bebedera's first appearance in NL and your first chance to hear Tarraxo and Fodencia and his other style blends blasting through a fat PA system.

DASS (cv)
DJ Dass aka Helder Fernandes recently came over from the island Santiago, Cabo Verde via Portugal to Rotterdam. He has been active in the local Afro club circles for quite some time now. Dass is a versatile DJ, switching effortlesly between smoking Afro House, Semba, and other styles.

YON ETA (nl | bar none, devorm)
Shapeshifting DJ and A/V composer. Yon Eta has a maximalist approach regarding sound while limiting his options. In his balanced DJ's set you might find anything from South African GQOM to reductionist R&B. Next to his monthly Viral Radio radioshow he is also the co-organisor of the forward thinking 'Bar None presents pl(us)' club events in Amsterdam and the DEVORM imprint; a community that challenges the form of (music) releases.

CHRISTIAN BAAS (nl | pantropical)
Christian is a young local DJ who impresses. He did his first two Pantropical sets at the Mdou Moctar / ChupameElDedo double bill last year (which ended up becoming an ecstatic live jam with Mdou), and supporting DJ Tetris' 3bal guarachero.