(I Can) Feel the Pulse
vrijdag 27 augustus 2010
zondag 10 oktober 2010
Met bijdragen van: 
Emory Douglas (USA), Dzine (Carlos Rolon, USA), Hiphop Chocolate (USA), Patrick Martinez (USA), Jefferson Pinder (USA), Haruka Sakatani (JP), Huang Yulong (CN)
Samengesteld door: 
Charlie Dronkers
From 27 August till 10 October MAMA presents (I Can) Feel the Pulse, an exhibition featuring the influence of hiphop on contemporary art by guest curator Charlie Dronkers.
(I Can) Feel the Pulse links the origin of hiphop to the current visual hiphop culture. (I Can) Feel the Pulse refers to the voice of protest of the repressed black population of the United States, powerfully expressed in the iconic work of Emory Douglas, who later became Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. Emory Douglas' revolutionary work is shown alongside works by Jefferson Pinder, Dzine (Carlos Rolon), Patrick Martinez, Hiphop Chocolate, Haruka Sakatani and Huang Yulong.

Special events: In connection to the exhibition MAMA welcomes Emory Douglas personally. Douglas will present a lecture in Rotterdam and a masterclass. Evening pre-sessions September 16th and 23rd, Masterclass from September 24th till 26th.

For the Festival The World of Witte de With ( Sept 10, 11, 12) artist Abner Preis and choreographer Lloyd Marengo will present their brand new performance.

Jefferson Pinder wrote an essay specifically for this exhibition (see Downloads in the right column) in which he relates the original ideas of the BBP, front men such as Douglas to the liberating power of hiphop.

For press and appointments call +31 10 2332022.
Met dank aan: 
Pollyanna Clayton-Stamm (Urbis Manchester), HipHopHuis, Mesh Print Club, Galerie Majke Hïsstege and Johan Kleinjan.