Started from the bottom, now we’re there (again)
Tuesday March 27th, 19.00 - 23.00
Almost 50% of working young adults in the Netherlands have a flexible or zero-hour contract. On average they earn 30% less than employees with a permanent contract and are three times more likely to become unemployed and live beneath the poverty threshold.
MAMA and Young and United (FNV) join forces to look into and beyond contemporary labour conditions. An interactive evening programme where we, using documentaries and guest speakers, explore how you can unionize and change these conditions for your benefit. Let’s get the whole team over here.

Guest speakers: Sjaak van der Velden (historian) , Cem Lacin (member of parliament, SP), Onur Erdem (Young & United) en Selina Tady (TeamMAMA). The evening will be hosted by Marloes de Vries.


Location: WORM Rotterdam
Date & Time: Tuesday March 27th, 19:00 - 23.00
Tickets: € 6,- pre-sale / € 7,- at the door

>>> FREE entry for people with a FLEXIBLE or ZERO-HOUR contract <<<

How to get your well deserved free entry: email to for a discount code or bring a copy of your contract to the event.

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This event will be in Dutch