Care Bare
MAMA presents:
Care Bare
A concept for DKUK
By Mat Do
Sunday March 4th 2018
Friday April 13th 2018
Opening Saturday March 3, during Museumnacht010
From “the food you love” delivered straight-to-the-door on the sweaty backs of underpaid couriers to our homes working a second job as boutique hostels for the whimsical traveller; we exist in a perpetual state of readiness where we no longer stand – we “pop”. Care Bare is a speculative showroom that reflects upon the uncanny affinities found at the centre of these present-day phenomena.
With Care Bare, MAMA – in close collaboration with artist Mat Do and London hair salon DKUK – delves into these present-day phenomena that could be considered the contemporary addictions for which our society has an insatiable desire. The corporations that feed these addictions operate continuously and behind convenient facades, yet they pose a threat to our labour conditions, to the development of communities and to the ecology of our planet. All these platforms and concepts offer us nothing but an illusion of intimacy, authenticity and bespoke care.

Care Bare is a hybridized installation and a space of attention, taking the form of a speculative showroom. Like a snake biting its own tail, Care Bare contradicts its own reality by appropriating the vernacular of a hair salon – expecting to receive rehearsed participation from its visitor-customer.

Visitor-customers can comfortably rest in loungers next to mannequins that are partially dressed in customised pieces taken from the artist’s own wardrobe. Whilst a stream of magazines confirm the existence of the space, monitors screen a triptych of reworked Hollywood films by Dutch filmmaker Paul Verhoeven; thereby acting as mirrors and serving as allegories of the enhanced human. Care Bare escapes full cynical collapse through the devotion found in its contents; it is a place wherein every hand-studded rivet and laser cut piece of leather counts.


Openingnight & performance event
Museumnacht010, Saturday 3 March, 20.00 - 01.00
Sunday 4 March, 13.00 - 18.00

MAMA opens Care Bare, a solo-exhibition by Mat Do (1982, UK) in collaboration with London art gallery/hair salon DKUK Salon, during Museumnacht010. The installation on view is a speculative showroom that reflects upon the uncanny affinities found at the centre of popular present-day phenomena.

During the whole weekend the installation will be activated as a functioning hair salon where visitors/costumers can get a fresh new haircut by DKUK’s staff and performance artists Mireille Tap and Angharad Williams reflect on different modes of (personal) care and appearance.

Performance Time Table on Saturday
21.00 – 21.20 \\ “Buddy Treatment” by Mireille Tap
23.00 – 23.15 \\ “The Right Way” by Angharad Williams

Book an appointment with DKUK´s staff. Send an email to with your name and preferred timeslot to book an appointment, you will receive a confirmation if the slot is still available. First come First serve - Long hair €50,-, short hair €40,-

Haircut Time slots on Saturday
20.00 \\ two spots
21.00 \\ one spot
22.00 \\ one spot

Haircut Time slots on Sunday
13.00 \\ two spots
15.00 \\ two spots
16.00 \\ two spots
17.00 \\ two spots

Care Bare is realised with the support of Stimuleringsfonds voor de Creatieve Industrie and sponsored by Bisley, Reclamekanjers and Verve.