MAMA is looking for a designer or designers for a new visual identity, website, and sustainable partnership.
MAMA wants to commission a new visual identity and design for the new MAMA website ( MAMA is looking for a (design) framework in which it becomes clear which activities MAMA produces and which ones we support, and in which recurring activities – both artistic and talent development – become recognisable (visual) identities. We are looking for a new design that can be implemented both online and offline and is suitable for various communication tools. It should highlight MAMA’s core values and position MAMA through a strong signature both within the local and international cultural field, not only as an exhibition space, but also as a relevant platform for voices from outside of the mainstream and as a valuable learning and workplace. With MAMA’s new visual identity, we want to give the collective around MAMA a more recognisable face: make the talents MAMA works with more visible, position ourselves next to like-minded platforms, claim space for young (visual) creators (artists, writers, programme makers, gamers, etc.)
About MAMA

MAMA is a platform for visual culture and young talent. It is a base for young creators and audiences at the intersection of contemporary art and popular culture. MAMA translates international cultural developments – social, community, technological, or economic – into local contexts. MAMA experiments with various presentation forms and attracts diverse audiences. MAMA ensures an accessible meeting with contemporary art and realises presentations, exhibitions, books, magazines, performances, master classes, and events in its showroom, online, and on location both locally and internationally.

MAMA consists of a small core team. It is supported by a group of young professionals known as Artistic New Talents (ANTS). Together we develop a programme in which our staff takes responsibility for the broad outlines and determines the level of ambition. As part of the programming, opportunities are enabled for a polyphony of different programme formats. The ANTS receive professional guidance and in turn are supported by MAMA in developing their own talents. Together with the core team, we form TeamMAMA .

New visual identity

MAMA is a community: a place where like-minded people come together and multiple voices are listened to. In our Showroom (offline), we investigate new tendencies in the world through exhibitions and activities. We regularly programme events externally, independently, or in collaboration. Just like we hold many conversations within our community, we are going to produce more online content, in order to collect the varying perspectives on our artistic programme on The online and offline activities are in relation to each other and also reinforce each other. The visual identity is developed for general communication, communication per project, for use in the Showroom, externally, and online.

The visual identity must provide space per project for personal interpretation, with MAMA’s identity serving as the context. The visual identity must contribute to unifying the different types of activities of TeamMAMA that both independently form an identity and fit within the newly designed framework of MAMA.


MAMA organises an average of four exhibitions per year in the Showroom, each accompanied by a programme of an average of four activities, of which about half are at a different location and in collaboration with partners or ANTS. A third programme strand, Networks, guarantees six to eight small project contributions per year for young creators.

To extend the ongoing talent development activities, MAMA annually programmes a course for teenagers aged 14 to 18 and a course for young adults aged 20 to 26, where a final project is developed through a framed and thematic learning programme.

New website (thisisMAMA)

This is the MAMA universe: the online platform where everything converges. It is the central platform through which MAMA communicates who we are (TeamMAMA), what we do (practical) but also how MAMA views the world (content) and the position it occupies within it (reflection).

Where our offline activities are linked to a certain time and place, thisisMAMA offers, via different methods, the possibility to continuously communicate with the public. Whether you’re reading an interesting article about poverty-chic, listening to a podcast about sci-fi culture, or looking for new directions in talent development, it all comes together at thisisMAMA. It offers depth, reflection, and publicity to MAMA’s programme.

End products

_Proposal for new website design (
It is the central platform through which MAMA communicates who we are (TeamMAMA), what we do (practical), but also how MAMA views the world (content) and the position it occupies within it (reflection). It is an interactive website that consists of partly dynamic and partly fixed content.

_New MAMA visual identity for both online and offline use
A visual identity that provides a system for all of MAMA’s (online and offline) communications and within which we can present our wide range of activities, both for our own productions and projects that MAMA supports.


For the OPEN CALL, we would like to receive an agency presentation /portfolio and a first proposal for the visual identity. Your proposal makes clear how MAMA’s various activities can fit within the framework of the visual identity, in which both online and offline communication are considered, and an example of this is worked out in more detail.


February 1: Deadline OPEN CALL – pitch
February 12: First selection: 3 – 5 designers are selected for briefing
February 15: Briefing at MAMA office
March 15: Presentation of first proposals at MAMA’s office
March 29: Presentation of second/final proposal at the MAMA office
April 2: Announcement of designer
Mid-June: Final presentation design + start production
End of August: Final presentation


Based on the OPEN CALL, MAMA shall invite 3 to 5 designers for a meet and greet. They receive a more detailed briefing with, among other things, an explanation of the budget and planning. MAMA then makes a €500 development budget available to further develop the proposals for the final selection. Following this MAMA and the new designer will negotiate a fair fee for the full development.


Send your portfolio and design proposal to Please response before February the 1st.