The Krampuslauf
To the Delftsche Poort and back
Friday December 1st 2017
This Friday we await a thrilling Krampus at our Showroom.
Krampus is an Austrian folkloric figure similar to Zwarte Piet. Both characters are variants of the same primal phenomena. The Krampuslauf Rotterdam was created five years ago to underline the multiform, ever-changing, mythological, and international character of Sinterklaas festivities.
The Sinterklaas festival is being translated into the current Rotterdam context and enlists the use of European Sinterklaas traditions, ancestor cults from around the world, monsters from sci-fi and popular culture, recycled waste, second-hand clothing, and goods from festive shops.

The Krampuslauf is the result of an ongoing creative process orchestrated by the KRACOM artists collective. At its core, KRACOM is about autonomy, an independent approach to deciding what is addressed and how. The guise of KRAMPUS/ZWARTE PIET is not an end in itself but rather a means of expression.

Krampuslauf V: 19.00 – 21.00
Visit Showroom MAMA: estimated between 20.45 and 21.15
Duration: short if you are good, long if you are bad
Location: Showroom MAMA
Fee: free

Please sign up for the Krampuslauf here:

The after party will be at the Performance bar! Check the following link for details.