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Remember, Resist and Remake
Reading Group, 14 October, 13:00 - 18:30
Showroom MAMA and Printroom
Join Rianna Jade Parker and Hudda Khaireh for an informal reading group covering seminal text 'Rethinking Aesthetics' by Sylvia Wynter with consideration to migration routes into Western cities and navigating social spaces as documented and undocumented citizens.
In collaboration with Printroom, the research and discoveries that arise from this session will be used to produce printed matter (pamphlets and posters) in the political style of protest art for free distribution to the public.

Texts supporting this session we take from ethnographic examples from the squatters movement in the UK and NL:

As explored in Nazima Kadir's 'The Autonomous Life? Paradoxes of hierarchy and authority in the squatters movement in Amsterdam

The social history of central figure to the 1970's squatting movement in Brixton/Railton Road: Olive Morris.

Radical Images: The Visual Language of Protest (Art In America)

At start at 13:00 at Showroom MAMA, where you will get the chance to see the exhibition. At 14:00 we will move to the Printroom for the reading group.

You can sign up for the reading group via We will send you a confirmation and the required reading by mail. The reading group offers space to a maximum of 20 participants.

The exhibition also includes a ‘reference space’ containing key texts and imagery compiled by curator and arts writer Rianna Jade Parker, co-founder of The Lonely Londoners and Thick/er Black Lines. For MAMA, the reference space is the start of a growing library that will focus on inclusivity and informal communities. The results of the reading group will become part of the reference space.