Gentle Dust
Leaving the Museum of Modern Art
Thursday September 7th 2017
Sunday October 29th 2017
8 september - 29 oktober 2017
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Pelumi Adejumo, Albinus, Susu Amina, Tirza Balk, Alina Jabbari, Rianna Jade Parker, Yakari Gabriel, Abdel-Rahman Hassan, Natasha Jacobs, Hudda Khaireh, Isaac Kariuki, Thato Magano, Imani Robinson, Natalia Sorzano, MAMA’s Artistic New Talents; een compositie van Sami El-Enany en een nieuwe video installatie van Dorine van Meel
Curated by: 
Initiated by Dorine van Meel and co-curated with Rianna Jade Parker
Opening on 7 September, Gentle Dust is a
collective project initiated by Dorine van Meel and
co-curated with Rianna Jade Parker, in which
artists, activists, and writers imagine what art could be
beyond the supposedly neutral white walls of the museum
of modern art.
Gentle Dust sets out by recognising that such
institutions have determined for too long what ‘art’ is
and argues that their claims to social critique mean little
if they do not actively break down the power structures
that underpin their existence.
In a new video installation by Dutch artist Dorine van
Meel, computer generated images of abandoned gallery
spaces and museums drift by. While digital dust settles
on emptied-out vitrines and stacks of wrapped paintings,
a sound environment designed by Sami El-Enany forms
the backdrop to a number of texts that are written and
spoken by the participating artists. In these contributions,
the artists and activists foreground their own stories,
perspectives, and lived experiences, specifically within
the political context of the Netherlands.
Their texts explore the ways in which colonial-era
relationships of power and violence continue to be at
work in the present, through mechanisms of exclusion
and institutionalised racism, and address the impact of
islamophobia and xenophobia on their lives.
The video installation itself is understood as a platform
that gives space to a growing number of voices,
languages, stories, and histories.

The exhibition also includes a ‘reference space’ that
contains key texts and imagery compiled by independent
artist-curator and writer Rianna Jade Parker, co-founder
of The Lonely Londoners and Thick/er Black Lines.
For MAMA, the reference space is the start of a growing
library that will


7 September, 19:00 - 21:00
Opening & performance event
On the evening of 7 September, Susu Amina, Tirza Balk,
Yakari Gabriel, Abdel-Rahman Hassan, Alina Jabbari and
Dorine van Meel each present their new contributions.
The performance begins at 20.00 prompt, and the public
is kindly requested to stay for the whole duration of the

Registration recommended via events@showroommama.nl.