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Choosing My Religion
A MAMA Project @ Preview Berlin
Tuesday September 27th 2005
Sunday October 2nd 2005
Preview Berlin
With contributions by: 
Jemima & Dolly Brown, Jasmina Fekovic, Iris van Dongen, Risk Hazekamp, Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk, Angie Reed, Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek, Wolf von Waldow, Marga Weimans
Choosing My Religion is a project that has grown out of MAMA's strand of research into the crossovers between popular visual culture and contemporary art practice.
In both gallery exhibitions and projects, for example the Hard Pop series of projects, this area of research has been one of MAMA's strong points throughout its existence as an organisation.

In this vein, Choosing My Religion turns its gaze towards the religious (and religious) imagery, content or implied and potential meaning arising in the work of a number of contemporary artists, almost all of whom have some historic connection of working with MAMA.
The project offers this thematic view as an observation or reflection rather than an argument in favour of a theory. Whether this aspect in the work exists as an intentional response to contemporary circumstances -such as the re-emergence of religion as a powerful political and social issue- or is merely a reflection of the persistence of art historical images, is impossible to say. Whether the artists set out to highlight such readings is equally open to discussion.

However, as the title intends to suggest, in a number of the works, there is a clear choice on the part of these artists to harness and subvert the power of religious or ritualistic visual languages in order to make a personal statement or conduct a communication with the viewer.