The Showroom’s summer swap
MAMA goes on holiday
Sunday August 20th 2017
MAMA goes on holiday. Concrete Blossom and Damage Playground are taking over.
MAMA is winding down for the summer – the shoes are off, and the slippers on – under a tree in southern France or closer to home on the Quarantaine beach. The cultural season ended on a high, with the Piet Zwart Institute’s graduation exhibition,Crooked Elbow Serpent Brain. Team MAMA can now take a break, but we’ll be back in September.

And in the meantime? Shut the doors and let the rent go to waste? Hardly a responsible use of the public funds we are grateful for – certainly not against the backdrop of a cultural sector just beginning to lower its barriers to new makers and audiences. Even if there is finally movement in who’s pushing the buttons, there’s still a way to go. Closing our doors for the summer would short-change the city’s creativity and talent.
So, from 20 July to 20 August, we’re leaving the keys with two people who, in our opinion, make this city a bit more beautiful:

Alexandre Furtado, founder and owner of Damage Playground, effortlessly combines elegance and social participation. His work as an entrepreneur is steeped in the arts – an increasingly disappearing quality at the commercial level of the street.

Malique Mohamud, writer, programmer, and founder of Studio Narrative, can galvanise the showroom into action. The Concrete Blossom series of events, programmed throughout city since March, provides an enrichment of perspectives necessary for a Rotterdam that keeps its eyes and ears open for every Rotterdammer.
What are their plans? We don’t know. But they have our trust. And we’ll drop by too – as visitors – during our holidays.Follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Have a lovely summer!
Nathalie Hartjes

On behalf of Team MAMA