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Malwina Marchwicka: Capture the future using paper collages of colours and shapes.Anni Mertens: Working with brushes and contrasts.Jess Oberlin: Develop patterns and print fabrics.Tomas Mutsaers: <br />Finding new perspectives in a mini photo studio.<br />
Workshop event
Friday May 26th 2017
Friday May 26th 2017
26 May 2017, 18:00 - 21:00
MAMA's Showroom Witte de Withstraat 29-31
With contributions by: 
Anni Mertens, Jess Oberlin, Malwina Marchwicka en Tomas Mutsaers.
Curated by: 
MAMA’s ANT’s: Darly Benneker, Paula Segura Kliesow,Louisa Schmuderer, Lauren Verheijen, Jacques Kayser,
Maroeska Mulder, Selina Tady and Sjors van Rijsbergen
Sign up for this one-time workshop event and meet four of the artists showing in Wallpaper. During MAMA.JPEG, it doesn't matter what you make as long it ends with .jpeg!
In four short workshops they take you through their approach and discipline. Predict the future by cutting and pasting, make a pattern from your favourite karaoke song text, elevate your Pokemon collection to art in a mini photo studio, and get lost in a paint battle. At the end of the workshop sessions, you can upload your homemade JPEG directly to the Wallpaper online exhibition.

MAMA.JPEG and Wallpaper is part of our In Real Life programme and is organised and developed by MAMA's Artistic New Talent. Wallpaper is an all-inclusive open call project and exhibition by MAMA and Art Baby Gallery.
MAMA is a platform for visual culture and young talent in Rotterdam, realising projects and presentations at the interface of visual arts and popular culture

Sign up for MAMA.JPEG by sending an email to with the subject #LMIRL (Let's Meet In Real Life), specifying your preferred time. Round 1 and 2 are four workshops. Round 3 is divided into two workshops.

Workshop rounds:
Round 1 start – 18:00
Round 2 start – 19:00
Round 3 start – 20:00

You get a drink and a cookie (if you accept it).
Pre-sale €5 (incl. drink)
Door sale €7,50 (incl. drink)

Join this photographic expert group. Make it, print it, paste it.