Open Source Government #4
Dynamic discussion
Sunday May 21st 2017
Sunday May 21st 2017
MAMA's Showroom
Open Source Government is a collective project that tries to design a blue-print for a possible open sourced society. The project invites thinkers, artists, programmers, developers, social scientists, political scientists, financial professionals, lawyers and other individuals to take part in the conversation.

On Sunday 21st of May 2017, the fourth session will be held in MAMA’s showroom at 15.00 -18.00
During the session we will discuss some good news, the past discussions and develop new ideas by creating a dynamic discussion. Also during this session we will form different action groups to develop different tasks. During this session the team will expand itself to new members, so please be present if you would like to be a part of the family!
We will make sure there is plenty of tea and cookies and we'll have a drink afterwards.

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