Queens of the Industry
Saturday May 27th 2017
Saturday May 27th 2017
27 May 2017 19:00 - 2:00
All female festival that focusses on the Queens of the Industry. Boys allowed, of course. Queens of the Industry aims to bring together makers and admirers of music and art in the Avantgardistic State.
Amber Terlouw, Mellow Anita, Cynthia Risse, Darby, Isabel van Putten, Jamie Deen, Janneke van Heel, Jet Nugter, Jill Ann Velleman, Aura One, Marrie Dogger, Melisa Cola, Naiko, Nine Kootstra, Nynchenda Fecunda, Pritty Artistic, Puck Schot, Rosa Stil, Sandra Zegarra Patow, Sooffosho, Femke Smeets, Kiaria Milse, Mignon Nusteling, Freddie Wauters, Suzanne Koopstra, Pegan Wulf, Amy van Leiden, Naomi van Heck, Jerusha Erasmus, Noami King Illustrations.

Meru Duijsens, Marassa, D-Luzion, Demi Lisa, Demi, Denise Radijs, Lisa Lefteye, Jaskelis, Nynn, Chanine, Kiki Bonanza, Giek_1

Fabz Pi

Queens of the industry is part of NETWORKS. The NETWORKS programme broadens and creates visibility to the artistic community connected to MAMA. We invite all kinds of artists to submit project proposals that reflect their translation of our motto. Go to NETWORKS for more information and submit your proposal.