Younes Chokry solo exhibition
Saturday April 8th 2017
Sunday April 16th 2017
Opening 7 April 18:00 - 21:00
MAMA's Showroom, Witte de Withstraat 29-31
MAMA presents, in association with CHOK, the first solo exhibition of Rotterdam illustrator Younes Chokry. CHOK is an initiative, established by his friends, celebrating the work of Younes Chokry, who unexpectedly ended his life last summer. Younes left behind thirteen sketchbooks, providing insight into an incredibly rich inner world inhabited by monsters, skeletons, and bizarre characters. Visit MAMA’s showroom and discover the strange universe of this extraordinary young illustrator.
Known as Chok to his friends, the development of Younes Chokry’s personal visual style can be followed through his sketchbooks. The first books are cautious and sketchy when compared to later sketchbooks, where the cartoonish style is sharper and the subjects grimmer. We see pentagrams, symbolic references to the Illuminati, drooling octopi, and elaborately worked covers. Black humour spills from the pages: a disconcerting sword piercing a piece of cheese, cute monsters welcoming you to hell, and a one-eyed, mutant Mickey Mouse with four arms and rotten teeth. The characters in his sketchbooks evoke morbid excerpts from Ren and Stimpy and also show a kinship to Rotterdam-based graffiti collective Lastplak.

Younes’s sketchbooks show the techniques he practised but mostly demonstrate the hand of a remarkable artist, who had much more to offer.

Window Project
CHOK is a window project: from 7 to 16 April, MAMA’s windows are covered in Younes’s creations. In close cooperation with his friends, a selection of his sketchbook work is translated into a visual spectacle filling all of MAMA’s windows. Inside, his original sketchbooks are on display and T-shirts with prints of Younes Chokry figures are for sale. The exhibition is hosted by Younes’s friends, for whom the cooperation with MAMA is the starting point for CHOK, an ongoing tribute to Younes Chokry’s work, with different outcomes and presentations.

CHOK is organised by
Younes’s friends

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