Sunday March 12th 2017
12 march 2017
Laurenskerk Grotekerkplein 27
With contributions by: 
Sabina Ahn, Noah Bloem and Hayo Boerema
Sunday 12th of March the Vesper service of the Laurenskerk will, for one night only have a very special completion.
From 19.00 – 21.00 hr Sabina Ahn and Hayo Boerena will create an escape from the busy city by combining projected visuals and echoing organ music.
After entering the church your personal experience will start with a poetic audio tour created by Noah Bloem, which will guide you from the tower to the immense organ on which Sabina Ahn’s visuals will be presented.
Especially for RETREAT, REFLECT, REPEAT Sabina Ahn translated her work “Fractal” to a projection fitting the main organ of the Laurenskerk. A Fractal is a pattern, found in nature, that exhibits a repeating pattern displayed at every scale. It is a mathematical set that’s used to explain and describe chaos.

RETREAT, REFLECT, REPEAT invites you to take notice of the details and enjoy the beauty hidden in repetition. An moment of contemplation to end your weekend on and start your new week afresh.

Entrance is free
After the program there will be a warm drink and the possibility to have a conversation with the artists.

This event is a collaboration between Laurenskerk and MAMA. Created by Lauren Verheijen & Fheonna van der Helm, MAMA’ s Artistic New Talents.