Poster by Caetano
Poster by Caetano
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Museumnight010: Xawara
Saturday March 4th 2017
4 March 2017 Perfomance: 21:00 hrs & 00:00 hrs, both 45 minutes in duration
MAMA's Showroom Witte de Withstraat 29
During Museumnight010 MAMA invites you to a Butoh dance and musical performance evening that provokes the end of the world as we know it.
Butoh will move spirits, Butoh will do sci-hi-fi atabaque drums and metal synthase-synthesis - an ode to exorcise the cis-anthropo-phallo-ego-logocentric ghosts - the moonshine noise duo Mountain Dew will join forces with performers Konpaku and Mavi Veloso to shake atomic particles and provoke the sky to fall.

Konpaku is the artist name of John Giskes, Rotterdam based artist making Tao, Butoh and Mindfulness performances based on the inner body and the deeper layers of the subconsciousness.

Mavi Veloso is born in Brazil and currently lives in Amsterdam. Mavi works transdisciplinary in different practices such as performance, dance, theatre, film, music, visual arts, trans, drag, queer, fashion and graphic design.

āˆ†Dāˆ†Eāˆ†Wāˆ† (Mountain Dew) Noise duo fallen from a mountain, then trapped in a plastic bubble, then trapped in another bubble made of dew, and then blast of into o(u)t(h)er space with a nipple shaped interstellar star ship!

The performance will take place at Poder Soundsystem which is part of the exhibition Is There Any World to come by Caetano. click here for more information.

Please take notice that the doors will be closed during the performances.