OPEN CALL: Get Your Shit Together
Wednesday January 11th 2017
11-01 until 25-01-2017
The necessity for toilets is universal, however their accessibility is not. Using a public toilet is a social ritual with its own social expectations and power relations. What happens when people become or are made aware? Get Your Shit Together asks six artists to play with the limits of the small toilet cubicle in the shape of six public interventions between 24-26 March 2017.
Propose an intervention for a (semi-)public toilet within walking distance of Witte de Withstraat 30, Rotterdam.
● The restroom is where the intervention will take place, preferably in the toilet cubicle. Place of the toilet is selected yourself. The means of the intervention are left open: art object,(digital) installation, performance, etc.
● The intervention itself should not obstruct the use of the toilet.
● Get Your Shit together takes place over the course of Friday 24 to Sunday 26 March. (De)installation can take max. 1 afternoon. You need to be able to build up/down your intervention before and after these days.
● The proposal should motivate what social rules, experience or emotions are touched upon by the intervention, why the location is chosen and include a concept-budget how max. €75,-.will be spent on materials.

Selection Criteria
● Strength and uniqueness of the concept and its relevance for the chosen location.
● The practicality of the proposal in terms of budget and location
● The chosen social rules, experiences or emotions to experiment with.
The selection aims for six final works which each taking their own angle on their own kind of toilet, thus inviting different emotions from different visitors.

Offer for the selected proposals
● The opportunity to show your work within a public art event with a diverse audience.
● €75,- is available as a work budget, and extra supporting technology can be discussed.
● Support in the production of the intervention, specifically with concept-development and location-negotiations.
● Part in a publication on the project, both digital and a limited printed edition.
● There is no artist fee.

Max. 300 words, min. 1 sketch/image
An attached portfolio is recommended to support your proposal.