Open Source Government Session #1
First public session of an Open Source Government dynamic discussion
Tuesday January 10th 2017
Tuesday January 10th 2017
20.00 hr - 22.30 hr
Witte de Withstraat 29-31
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Open Source Government
Open Source Government and MAMA invite you to participate in the first dynamic discussion held at MAMA’s Showroom.

Open Source Government is a collective project that tries to design a blue-print for a possible open sourced society. The project invites thinkers, artists, programmers, developers, social scientists, political scientists, financial professionals, lawyers and other individuals to take part in the conversation.

On Tuesday 10th of January 2017, the first session will be held in MAMA’s showroom at 20:00 – 22:30
During the session we will discuss the idea itself, the past discussions and develop new ideas by creating a dynamic discussion.

It will help a lot if you have a look at this short video
made to explain Open Source Goverment in a very general sense.

If you would like to participate please RSVP at

- The session will be documented for archival and study purposes.
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Open Source Government