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Is There Any World to Come?
Caetano (BR, 1980)
Sunday January 29th 2017
Sunday April 2nd 2017
Opening 28 January, 20.00
Curated by: 
Marloes de Vries
MAMA presents Is There Any World to Come?, Caetano’s (BR) first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. As scientists predict the end of the planet, Beyoncé’s celebrates black feminism during prime time. Are we really facing the apocalypse, or are we experiencing the last gasps of the patriarchal world, as we know it? In a video and sound installation created especially for MAMA’s showroom, Caetano evokes such a sense of impending obliteration.
Caetano designs situation-installations that, using light, sound and performance, implicate current political an technological issues. For his project at MAMA, Caetano explores the breakdown of existing systems as a fertile ground from which marginalised groups can emerge. We all have different backgrounds, skin colour, and privileges, but global consumerism seduces us to forget these disparities, and that not everybody has access to the same benefits, funds, or geographical locations. In realising this, we should ask ourselves: can we understand that which we have not experienced?

At MAMA, Caetano shows us the dystopia of a global society verging on collapse. Barricades installed in the space oblige the visitor along pre-determined paths, leading to a group of Bluetooth speakers engaged in an uncanny, noisy conversation, a mirror trembling with globalised bass sounds (dub, reggae), and a body dancing inside a dismantled LCD screen.

Poder Soundsystem

Poder Soundsystem is available for every (trans)human-earthling that enjoys sound or music. It is an bluetooth operated sound system, as part of Caetano’s solo exhibition Is There Any World To Come? You can book the space for parties, talks, lectures, music listening, dj practice, concert, yoga classes etc. Send an email to to book the room. Open til 2nd of April.
Find out the rules: here

28/01 20.00-22.00
Open Soundsystem
Visitors of the opening were invited to battle each other on the Poder Soundsystem, they received a free beer if they got bodies to dance.

10/02 18.00-21.00
Wartone vs. Lezz Vag Grl
Battle between dj Wartone and afro house dancer Lezz Vag Girl
Wartone: Soundcloud
Lezz Vag Grl: Soundcloud

Open rehearsal by Sleekmink
Sleekmink: Soundcloud

19/02 15.00-18.00
Open Source Government 2nd Public Session

23/02 15.00-16.00
Montfort Schoolparty

26/02 13.00-18.00
Troma Film Afternoon
Screening Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones and Killer Condom
Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones
Killer Condom

04/03 20.00-01.00
Performances to provoke the end of the world during Museumnacht010. Performances by Konpaku and Mavi Veloso, music by Mountain Dew
Mavi Veloso

16/03 18.30-22.00
MAMA’s ANT’s invite the public to come and play the game Just Dance

17/03 18.00 – 21.00
Sascha Roth (Sandwich-Island)
Dj-set by Sascha Roth, the brain behind Pantropical and Vrooom

21/03 18.00 – 21.00
Marel’s Selfish Playlist Party
MAMA’s own Marel celebrates her birthday with her favorite songs.