The NETWORKS programme broadens and creates visibility to the artistic community connected to MAMA. With NETWORKS, MAMA provides modest funding to achieve approximately eight new co-productions annually.

We invite all kinds of artists to submit project proposals that reflect their translation of the motto HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS. Debate programmers can present an outline for a talk show, artists can pitch for a new work or performance, a writer or poet can submit a plan for a small-scale publication and/or presentation evening.

The artists are responsible for realising their proposals. The NETWORKS projects are developed in relation to the programme in the showroom but will usually take place elsewhere. MAMA provides the best possible connection (calendar, PR, and communication) to its current programme, provides advice on content, and offers access to its network.

What will you receive for a NETWORKS project?
• A €750 to €1500 work budget for the realisation of a new project
• A coaching session with MAMA’s programmer and curator, Marloes de Vries
• A coaching session with MAMA’s director, Nathalie Hartjes
• Toolkit with tips; useful addresses of suppliers and other benevolent partners
• Visibility through MAMA’s publicity channels
• A text about your work by a young writer, which will feature in a volume published at the end of the year

How are project proposals chosen?
We are committed to using MAMA’s podium for bringing out the best of our HIVE MIND. A small selection committee, including Nathalie Hartjes, Marloes de Vries, and Kevin Vlierden, MAMA’s marketing coordinator, are responsible for selecting the NETWORKS projects. We find it important that selection is not only from a staff perspective but includes input from our broader community. Therefore, a rotating committee with representatives from MAMA’s ANTs has been forged, consisting of Lila Athanesiadou, Rishi Badal, Brigitte Jansen, Tomas Mutsaers, Yos Purwanto, Sabiha Tener and Lauren Verheyen. The committee meets every eight weeks to discuss the proposals received.

What are the project criteria?
The projects should be actual and realised independently. The proposals are judged on quality, feasibility, and the degree to which they enrich MAMA’s programme. The project’s ambition and the requested financial contribution must be in balance. The project should include a public presentation in any format. It could be a performance on a big stage or an exhibition in a living room.

NETWORKS projects are co-productions. We ask applicants to match the requested funding. Match funding can be from personal finances, in kind, or from third parties. For example, if you request €1000 to create a new video work, you can match this with an editor, cameraman or set builder willing to offer their labour in kind, or you can find another funding partner to co-fund the project. In doing this, we maximise the available budget.

Apply for a Networks project by filling out the list of questions linked to this webpage and send this to