In 2017 MAMA starts its programme HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS
Sunday January 1st 2017
MAMA presents its 2017 programme under the motto HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS, which provides a substantive credo and shapes the programme’s dynamics.

For its content, we address questions of security, community building, and identification and representation, ranging from global issues to the everyday, in the city, street, and home.We contemplate the roles the web and the abundance of smart technology play in the expression of our (desired) realities, as well as being a connecting factor between the (multidisciplinary) art practices and (fan) communities that thrive on this platform.

With HOME, we want to stimulate conversation concerning concepts of security: HOME is a base, a place to return, and an anchor for the onward journey. HOME (even online) is the beginning of one’s relation to others. At the same time, we are more aware than ever of our ‘bubbles’. Local socio-cultural contexts determine our online behaviour, perhaps even more than access to facilities and technology. Online life and real life are not opposites; they are radically intertwined.

Thanks to social media, we have become directors of our own (desired) reality. Present-day hyper-connectivity elicits opportunities but also disseminates new forms of group and performance pressure. In some cases, the internet appears to be a validation of real life. A lack of ‘real’ experiences means we are inundated with all kinds of ‘authentic’ labels. Only in real life (IRL) can we test authenticity. We draw attention to the fine line between fact and (self-produced) fiction and focus on artists who unravel or become part of the game.

As a possible answer to the narcissistic individualism found on the ‘social’ Internet in recent years, we perceive an increase in artists who manifest themselves as a collective or informal community. Artists seek each other’s expertise to realise cross-disciplinary collaborations in which one’s signature remains intact but becomes part of a larger body of performance, video, dance, sculpture, music, and text. Gesamtkunst 2.0, with a distinct transdisciplinary character. We want to portray these international networks alongside creating conditions for the emergence of new networks anchored in Rotterdam.

The motto translated into programme strands

The HOME | IN REAL LIFE | NETWORKS motto is interpreted through three distinct programme strands:

HOME concerns the exhibitions at the showroom, for which MAMA’s programmer/curator authors content, forming the anchor for the rest of the programme.

IRL: In Real Life
For each exhibition, there are about four events taking place online and offline: lectures, workshops, talk shows, film screenings, performances, and celebrations. The IRL programming is made together with MAMA’s ANTs (Artistic New Talents, formerly the Rookies), who are getting a podium more than ever before.

NETWORKS is an ongoing open call, through which we expressly ask a broad creative community (artists, writers, poets, editors, designers) to provide their reading of our content’s credo. Are you interested in contributing? Click here for more information about the contributions and putting in your own submission.

MAMA online
In mid-2017, MAMA launches a new web platform, which functions more like a magazine than a traditional website of an organisation. It offers diverse content, such as interviews, essays, podcasts, videos, image contributions, and articles, driven by an independently operating web editorial team. But before this happens, in the spring and summer, two separate web publications will be published in the spirit of the future platform.