Photo: Tomas Mutsaers
Photo: Tomas Mutsaers
Winter Solstice
Wednesday December 21st 2016
Wednesday 21 December, 11.44 am
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echo + seashell (Susan Kooi & Henna Hyvärinen)
MAMA invites you to join us and celebrate the winter solstice on 21 December 2016 at exactly 11:44. Live from Helsinki via Facebook Live, the Dutch-Finnish performance duo echo + seashell (Susan Kooi and Henna Hyvärinen) shall usher in the return of the light and the lengthening of the days by performing a new text, especially for MAMA.
Last September, echo + seashell gave a performance tour in Canada. Before this, they featured in MAMA’s Laff Box comedy club and at Paradiso, Amsterdam. Watch their ‘No Future Musical’ on Vimeo.

For thousands of years, many cultures in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the winter solstice, the point in the year when the daylight begins to lengthen after a period of darkness and the days gradually start to get longer again. Therefore, winter solstice parties usually involve the making of light in all its forms: lamps, candles, fire.

The timing of Christian Christmas celebrations probably dates back to the winter solstice on the ancient Roman calendar. Since the fourth century AD, the feast on this day, Sol Invictus, celebrated the Unconquered Sun. Christianity has probably taken this date because the sun was associated with Christ. In the Roman Empire, the Saturnalia was celebrated on 21 December.

Visit our Facebook page on 21 December at 11:44 to view this event live online.