Family Viewing in de wijken
Te gast in de buurthuizen van Rotterdam-Zuid
Monday February 27th 2006
Thursday December 17th -0001
Community centers De Larenkamp and Lombardijen
The international exhibition Family viewing - The Pilot Episode, which opened in February at Art Rotterdam, has had an exciting trip so far. After the art fair, the complete show traveled on to two community centers in town.
In this thematic group exhibition, international artists show a diverse view on family portraits. Paintings, sculptures, photos, and videos demonstrate the wide phenomenon of 'family'. Family viewing - The Pilot Episode was initiated by the British artist Jemima Brown, who by doing this as curator and as participating artist, offers a wider context to her own family-inspired art. Photographer Hendrik Kertsens' monumental portraits of his daughter and the staged snap-shots by artist duo Bert Sissingh and Sjoukje Boersma have also received much praise.

Beside the exhibition Familie! (Family!), MAMA offers the communities of Zuidwijk and IJsselmonde a chance to drawn their loved ones at a drawing workshop. Twice a week a professional artist from MAMA is present to assist visitors to portray a model. The model can be the participant's own choice: a brother, an aunt, or even a neighbor or a friend. Drawing an image from a picture or from one's memory is also allowed.

At De Larenkamp, students from the Nova- & Albedacollege visited and drew their family members. A group of 'New - Rotterdammers' received a guided tour through the exhibition, which had an extra dimension for them, as in most other cultures family plays a central part in one's existence. Another group that particularly treasures family is the elderly. In Lombardijen a few of the local paint clubs for seniors will participate in the family portrait workshops.

A selection from the artistic harvest is made at the end of every workshop. These drawings are also exhibited at the community center for one week. Seeing the work by the international and neighborhood artists hang harmoniously side by side makes one want to grab a pencil and paper!
Family Viewing