Window Project VII
Monday May 30th 2011
Saturday June 11th 2011
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Rookies: Moniek Oerbekke ('85, Almelo), Sanne Verplanke ('88, Rotterdam).
Ondersteuning: Jeroen Callaars ('91, Utrecht)
Curated by: 
Susan Callaars, project coordinator MAMA
During the build-up of Showroom MAMA's exhibitions, its windows are used for the Raamproject (Window Project). Under the guidance of one or two of MAMA's Rookies (our trainee curators/interns), art academy students and other aspiring creatives are given the chance to make a display for Showroom MAMA's windows.
Raamproject VII takes its inspiration from the upcoming MAMA exhibition Land Art For A New Generation, which runs from 18 June. An exhibition about contemporary versions of land art where the analog and digital domains become closely interconnected, it features a generation of artists dealing with themes such as (digital) decay and the continuous processing of vast amounts of information.

Graphic designer Moniek Oerbekke developed the concept for this Raamproject, which she shall be making with Sanne Verplanke who is studying Cultural Sciences at the Erasmus University, Rotterdam. Their intervention on the windows of Showroom MAMA shall develop over a period of time, changing from day to day, and features additional text about digital decay by Jeroen Callaars, a Writing for Performance student at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

The project has been coorganized by MAMA's Education and Talent Development intern Susan Callaars (1988, Utrecht), who is studying for her master's in Modern Art at Utrecht University.
Supported by: 
VSB Fonds en SNS Reaal Fonds

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