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Antistrot & MAMA op de Kunstvlaai
Saturday May 6th 2006
Sunday May 14th 2006
Kunstvlaai 2006
With contributions by: 
Paul Börchers, Johan Kleinjan, David Elshout, Silas Schletterer, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Michiel Walraven, Marco Kruyt en Yvonne Gaemers.
On Kunstvlaai 2006, Showroom MAMA presents the Antistrot Krebshunde!hok. Partying and running around during the Mini-Krebshunde!party and a daily performance by the Vlooienband...
Antistrot is a collective, founded by a group of friends; Paul Börchers, Johan Kleinjan, David Elshout, Silas Schletterer, Bruno Ferro Xavier da Silva, Michiel Walraven, Marco Kruyt, and Yvonne Gaemers. They got to know each other at the illustration department of the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. They felt the need for more freedom within the suffocating artistic boarders that were set there. So they made a magazine in a copy shop. After making a series of magazines they decided to develop their form-experiments, painting and drawing together, into an increasingly mature style.

This style is a combination of influences from the streets of Rotterdam, the media, and elements of the Antistrot Mythos. The Antistrot Mythos is the collective experience of the Antistrot members and is made up out of their collective memory of the academy, make-believe characters and their own specific humor.

All these elements form an ever expanding world of ideas. Antistrot turns these ideas into large murals, panel-paintings, t-shirts and sweaters, Robotica and they also do performances with musical, theatrical and satirical components.

During these Antistrot sessions, the collective goes before the individual and the final result is secondary to the dynamic process of action and reaction which occurs during the collaboration. For the Antistrot-members these sessions are a visual sounding board for their reflection of our ever-changing modern world. Their eclectic, chaotic en seemingly incoherent pieces mirror the flood of images, impressions and seductions that we're exposed to in everyday life. They do so without making value judgments. Antistrot isn't just reacting to our consumer society, they are part of it. By completely accepting consumer society Antistrot wants to expose the true shades of our reality which have become invisible by overabundance and desensitization.

Antistrot's Krebshunde! on Kunstvlaai 2006
As a result of the 'Krebshunde! Performance' at the Maria am Ostbahnnufer in Berlin, Antistrot presents their 'Krebshunde!' stand at the Kunstvlaai 2006.

Three Krebshunde, Gerben, Jos and Marjo, will throw a Mini-Krebshunde!-party on the opening-night, after which their dog-house containing a audio/video installation, a dog sculpture and a graphic chart with seemingly-scientific dissertation about man and dog, will be free to visit. Also a daily performance by the Fleaband! (no soundcheck necessary)
Fighting, Romping and Fucking; these Krebshunde are very party. Puppy Love, Doggy Style, Wanna be your dog, Smack my bitch up, Who let the dogs out? Bow wow wow yippy aiy yippy yay.

Or, as Antistrot puts it:
"We will shave the poodles. Bare poodles are never done. If there's no party going on you get stuck in the rut, without shaved poodles around the TV goes back on, you drink a beer, then you drink another, then you finish a crate, and then you feel good! Let the fun begin! Ahh Shit!! A singing turd is invited again. The Singing Turd is on the guest list?"