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Black Ball
Yvonne Dröge Wendel
Friday September 8th 2006
Sunday September 10th 2006
No mountain too high for Showroom MAMA: top-level conference with police officers was necessary to bring this sensational project to Rotterdam. During 'World of Witte de With', the annual festival taking place at Rotterdam's cultural hotspot, an enormous round shape will appear in the city.
Do not fear; it's large, but it comes in peace!
Black Ball is big ball made out of felt and measures 4 meters in section. It will pop up at the most crazy places throughout Rotterdam, because MAMA thinks beyond the borders of her showroom!
With this Black Ball, artist Yvonne Dröge Wendell would like to create a series of stories by Rotterdammers about their city. The idea is to follow the trip as spontaneously as possible, depending on the consternation and oh's and ah's that the ball evokes in the people it encounters.

Imagine this: a huge black ball that will start his journey at the - how appropriate- maternity hotel at Zestienhoven, roaming the streets, passing the Erasmusbrug, doing lunch at Rob Baris's restaurant 'Het Gemaal', and sleeping in a golden cage at The Gay Palace.

Be sure to be a part of this Rotterdam tale and do join the ball for part of its trip. Maybe you'll be interviewed by Radio Rijnmond, they will be following the ball for three days during the festival.

Black Ball is touring all over the world. It's started its journey in Leeuwarden in 2000, traveled on to Bolzano, Newcastle, Istanbul, and Odense. Showroom MAMA is getting Black Ball back to the Netherlands where we can see how this spectacular object will take over the streets of Rotterdam in September!