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Mike Moonen, Poster series 2, 2015.Mike Moonen, Poster series 2, 2015.Mike Moonen, Poster series 2, 2015.
Posters and zines Planet Quirk for sale at the showroom!
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Mike Moonen
Curated by: 
Marloes de Vries
MAMA proudly presented the first solo exhibition by Mike Moonen on Friday 13 November.

During this exhibition we sell both the posters on show and the selfmade zines by Mike Moonen and others artists.

The posters are available for €20,00 each (edition of 6) and the zines for €5,00 each (edition of 20).

Come by and get yourself your own Mike Moonen!

Mike Moonen creates collages, prints, drawings, animations, sculptures and (online) zines. In the processing of photos and objects that Mike Moonen finds in his surroundings he sabotages himself, by using software in ways it wasn't intended or by employing materials he has never worked with before. He deliberately seeks out the boundary between beautiful and ugly, between intentional and accidental, and chance has a big influence on the outcome. However, the works always retain a glimmer of recognition, and you keep wondering where the heck you've seen that dog before.