MAMA's X-MAS CRIB JINGLE - Tim Sake & Boortorrie (Radio Lastplak)
Tanja Ritterbex, 'Kerstbeest' 2015.
Tanja Ritterbex, 'Kerstbeest' 2015.
Jaleel Roy Lindsey, Cristmas Spirit, 2015
Jaleel Roy Lindsey, Cristmas Spirit, 2015
Anna Kolbe, 'Magic Garden', 2015.
Anna Kolbe, 'Magic Garden', 2015.
Welcome to the jingle!
Thursday December 24th 2015
Sunday January 10th 2016
Opening 24 December 2015, 4 PM
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Charlien Adriaenssens, Henk van der Beek, Maarten Bel, Johan Boer, Gwen van den Bout, Tim Braakman, Saskia Burggraaf, Iris Donker _ Katinka van Gorkum, Gaia van Egmond, Marianne Hamersma, Anne Kolbe, Susan Kooi, Jaleel Roy Lindsey,Pia Louwerens, Tanja Ritterbex, Machteld Rullens, Mike Moonen, Anan Striker, Toshie Takeuchi, Milan Tilder, Roy Vastenburg, Emma Walch and others
Curated by: 
Nathalie Hartjes and Marloes de Vries
The winter days are here. Shivering we pull our collars up, summer scarves are exchanged for knitwear and each and every one has already at least once been soaked to the bone from the icy rain. Just one more month and it's Christmas. And we like to celebrate the holiday season in a appropiate way with you.
Especially for this occasion we will dedicate our windows to present four exuberant Christmas stables. But there's no tradition without an origin: MAMA's X-MAS CRIB is inspired by the very competitive tradition of nativity scenes as practised in Spain - the so-called Belenes. From early December to Epiphany these Belenes adorn the windows in all shapes en sizes of nearly every shop in the city centers. MAMA regrets the lack of a similar tradition in our beautiful harbor town and want to take the first step initiating this.

MAMA's X-MAS CRIB: Welcome to the jingle! will shine in the windows of the showroom from Christmas Eve until Sunday 10 January. A large group of artists from Rotterdam and beyond will bring their work together and fill up the stables.

Check out the photoreport here by Hilde Speet.