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Low Lens - New Dutch Photography
MAMA's temporary fair fever....
Thursday October 12th 2006
Sunday October 15th 2006
Old Truman's Brewery, 91-95 Brick Lane, London
With contributions by: 
Martin C. de Waal, Risk Hazekamp, Monique Benthin, Andriaan van der Ploeg
Curated by: 
Ken Pratt and Nous Faes
When we received a special-special invitation from the organization of Scope London to be present at their fair's new location in London's hot East London gallery district, we just couldn't resist...
A few quick phonecalls and we had a new show called Low Lens - New Dutch Photography, curated by Ken Pratt (London) and Nous Faes (director MAMA).

Never one to be short of words, Mr Pratt describes the show as follows:
"Dutch culture was one of the first to embrace photography as a valid art form and to elevate it to the same status as other practices used by ' fine' artists. "Low Lens" combines the works of five contemporary artists. Here the traditional national concerns with documentary, clear presentation and sociological questions remain evident. Yet this is the work of a mass media literate generation, fashion conscious and ready to exploit and subvert both technological potential and contemporary visual cultural languages."

For Low Lens we selected works of:
Martin C. de Waal
Risk Hazekamp
Monique Benthin
Adriaan van der Ploeg

You're all welcome to visit us between October 12 - 15
at Old Truman's Brewery, 91-95 Brick Lane, London.

When you're there don't forget to party with us till dawn at the Unfair Party with a.o. HK119 and Hannah Holland who got you all excited at our Ballroom Blitz party in Gaypalace last month!
Thanks to: 
Torch Gallery Amsterdam and Gallery Cokkie Snoei Rotterdam