Teaser Dogs Of $hame - Playing With A Big Organ
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You Are Great flag in front of the Laurenskerk<br />Photo: Raffaela HuizingaWarming-up for the performance<br />Photo: Raffaela Huizinga<br /><br />Performance Playing With a Big Organ<br />Photo: Raffaela HuizingaPhoto: Raffaela HuizingaPhoto: Raffaela HuizingaDogs of $hame, Playing With A Big OrganPhoto: Raffaela Huizinga<br />Photo: Raffaela HuizingaPhoto: Raffaela HuizingaPhoto: Raffaela Huizinga
DO$ Playing With A Big Organ
31 May 2015, 19:00-20:00
Open rehearsals from 16:00 onwards
Laurenskerk, Grotekerkplein 15, 3011 GC Rotterdam
With contributions by: 
Dogs Of $hame; Abner Preis (1975, ISR) and Willehad Eilers a.k.a. Wayne Horse (1981, GER)
Curated by: 
Lori van Vlerken
On Sunday 31 May, in cooperation with the Laurenskerk Rotterdam and the label All Together Now, MAMA proudly presents "Playing With A Big Organ", a unique performance by the Dogs Of $hame [DO$]. At the heart of this major happening are a temporary choir and the Netherlands' largest church organ.
For the performance in the Laurenskerk the DO$ collaborated with MAMA to create a one-off choir assembled from members of choirs all over Rotterdam. Each choir in the Rotterdam area has been is invited to participate. From shanty to gospel; children's to students; a capella to pop; male and female; multicultural and evangelical. Participants include members of the Dockyard Mens Choir, Choir 'Ondersteboven' and Ropera, amongst many others.

Organist Hayo Boerema and DO$ will create a musical composition with the participants for the sentence 'You Are Great' with which they appeal for equality amongst men and celebrate greatness in each person. The performance takes shape in one day; a pressure cooker in which the choir, organist, conductor and choreographer rehearse for the performance on the very same night.

The Dogs Of $hame performance duo consists of storyteller and performer Abner Preis and visual artist and filmmaker Wayne Horse. Since 2011, they've worked together on various performances, such as The Rappical – a rap musical performed in 2012 at RoTheater – and 'The Rappical' CD, as well as installations and films. Characteristic of DO$'s performances is the participation of others. DO$ bring together people from different backgrounds, ages, and positions to create a new relationship between the producers and the public.

Since 2013 MAMA has a special focus on artists who give the audience a central role in the creation of their work. Concurrent to developments in the arts and artists' practices, and as a logical outcome of MAMA's open and content driven orientation, we are researching new forms of public participation and activation. Parallel developments in the visual arts and society show that the public has, and demands, an increasingly important role. "Playing With A Big Organ" is part of this program at MAMA.

From 16:00 hours onwards there is an opportunity for the audience to spontaneously join the choir. The rehearsals will then be open to passers-by.

The public performance will take place between 19:00 – 20:00, the general audience can access the Laurenskerk from 18:30 hours.

For more information please email: charlotte@showroommama.nl or call Showroom MAMA 010-233 2022.

Admission free.

For photo's of the performance, see our Facebook-page.
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