Mister Miyagi Curating Tomorrow 2007
Sunday April 1st 2007
Wednesday February 28th 2007
After the great success of the Mister Miyagi - Curating Tomorrow editions in 2005 and 2006, MAMA is pleased to announce the launch of Mister Miyagi - Curating Tomorrow 2007.
This sees the continuation of this exciting education programme opportunity. The aim of the programme is to provide relevant learning opportunities for new curators and people who think that becoming a curator may be a career for them.

About the programme
The Mr. Miyagi Curators Programme will offer an opportunity for a select group of young curators to take part in a programme that will involve them being supported by an international group of mentor curators. Those selected will participate in workshops and work together with the support of the mentors to produce a project that will be shown in Rotterdam in December 2007.

The programme is one of MAMA's education initiatives, the Mr. Miyagi projects. It aims to build capacity and skill for the next generation of cultural practitioners through relevant vocational experience and learning.

And, in keeping with the overall ethos of the programme, they will develop a project that will showcase talented young artists who've just graduated. So, it will also benefit young artists and continue to address a younger visual arts audience.

So how can I get involved?
If you fancy yourself the next talented and creative curator or think that curation may be the career for you, then please apply. Full details of the 2007 programme and the application eligibility and procedure are linked below.

Applications need to be received no later than Monday 14 May 2007 before noon.