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MSLM - MAMA Moslima Fashion
Friday April 20th 2007
Sunday June 10th 2007
Opening: 20 April 2007, 06:00 - 10:00 P.M.
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Styling: Aicha Marley en Patrick van Timmeren(NL), Simone de Koning (NL)
Sound: Nafer (NL)
Labels: Al Quds jeans (IT), Mango (ES), H&M (SE)
Designers: Leyp,...and beyond (NL), Bogomir Doringer (YU-NL), Blazinbell (NL), Mada van Gaans (NL), Mad´┐Ż (NL), Ziyana Besma (NL), Mode Atelier Zakia (NL), Iniy Sanchez (NL), Sabijn Peters (NL)
Curated by: 
Natasa Heydra
Finally! MAMA had this project on her agenda for so long and it now goes out into the world by the title MSLM.
A group of young fashion-minded women, mostly second generation Moslem clearly stands out in our society. MSLM shows the fashion of this group. Because these young women grew up in the Netherlands, because they are Dutch, their background creates a fashion-clash which results in new interesting forms and silhouettes for both Moslem and non-Moslem women. Designers are inspired and influenced by this, use elements of another culture or design custom-fit products. From traditional to trendy, from the Mid-East to the West.

By MSLM MAMA is showing how we can play in to the wishes of this group of girls whom, with their extra frame of rules and their colourful background, have specific demands for the way they dress. MAMA is very curious to what the industry has planned for them!
Thanks to: 
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, Stichting Bevordering van Volkskracht, Stichting DOEN
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