Art in the Parking Space
Art in the Parking Space
Art in the Parking Space
17 januari - 18 januari 2015
M HKA - Museu
With contributions by: 
Fraser Stewart (UK) , Lucas Lenglet (NL) , Peter Fengler (NL), Jasper Griepink (NL) en Marnix De Nijs (NL)
Curated by: 
Kunstblock & NICC
Kunstblock is providing Rotterdam's contribution to Art's Birthday at Muhka, Antwerp
In 1963, the Fluxus artist Robert Filliou declared his birthday as the official birthday of 'art'. This statement grew from a Parisian bar to several celebrations worldwide of Art's Birthday.

2015 is also an anniversary for the Low Countries in the form of BesteBuren (Dear Neighbours): a year in which both countries celebrate this now 20-year cultural collaboration and Flemish-Dutch creativity.

The Art in the Parking Space project was initiated by Kunstblock and NICC, and is supported by BesteBuren. It is an exchange project in which five Antwerp artists are asked to show their work at the Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier Festival in Rotterdam later this year.

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