MAMA Rookies Training Course
Tuesday May 22nd 2007
Sunday June 1st 2008
Mama will be starting the selection for her new draft of Rookies, MAMA's special training course for volunteers.In this project a select group of MAMA-volunteers will be trained by MAMA staff and specially hired professionals in assisting in different functions within the arts.
Volunteers have always been very important, they make MAMA able to create successful exhibitions and extra events. They are MAMA-hosts in the showroom and make sure the showroom is spic and span, arrange that everything works and supply information about MAMA and the expositions to guests of all ages and from all around the world. Volunteers also distribute promotion material, take care of transportation in the Netherlands and internationally and install the expositions, together with the artists, (guest-)curator and production coordinator.

What will the MAMA-Rookies project hold in store for you?
In September the project will start with individual interviews involving the current and new MAMA-volunteers. Based on motivation, qualities, skills and interests the selected volunteers, the so-called MAMA- Rookies, will be classified for specific workshops. Participation is free of charge, but not without commitment. In other words: MAMA invests in you, you invest in MAMA. You do so by following the course and by working for a year approximately five hours a week as volunteer at MAMA. There is space for a maximum of 25 volunteers in this course.

From September on there will be a series of workshops offered. For all Rookies there is a basic-workshop 'internal and external communication'. After this you choose a follow-up course: education and hosting; development of communication-material or the workshop exhibition-installation. The workshops also involve some homework and there will be assignments to do in your own time. What has been taught will be put to use by the Rookies in real life, during the projects that MAMA programs throughout the coming year. Everything that goes right or wrong will be discussed and evaluated.
At the end of the run every MAMA-Rookie that has successfully fulfilled the course will receive a certificate. This means you are qualified by us to support in different assisting functions at professional art-institutions.

How to become a MAMA-Rookie
Of course we expect you to have feeling for the specific MAMA-character and for our exhibitions and activities. So please browse through our website before you apply, in case you don't know us yet.

Other qualifications are:

* Age: 16 - 25 years old
* You have a thorough command of the Dutch and English language
* Interest in art and its contexts
* Interest in communicating art to an audience from 8 - 80 years old, or in exhibition organization and production.
* Interest in producing items about the MAMA-exhibitions in written word and (audio-visual) image.

If you want to participate in the MAMA-Rookies course from September throughout the school year 2007-2008, send an email before September 1st to subject: Rookies!
Send us your motivation, specific interests, your (present) study (CV) and qualities. Also include your date of birth and contact details. We will invite you to an interview a.s.a.p.