JODI edition
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The long-expected JODI edition arrived!

In January 2014 JODI had a solo exhibition in MAMA, JODI HOME / GO HOME. During the exhibition MAMA presented a unique artists presentation by the performance interview-duo SandWitz that compiles a report on a [H]APPENING at MAMA. Now MAMA presents this publication with four fulll-color prints (A2) in a limited edition of 150 copies. Don't miss out, order this poster today by sending an email to

Price: €12,50 ex. postal costs.
In the mid nineties, Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans were among the first artists to realise the internet's creative potential, and there they realised their first works and projects. The internet has since rapidly changed – we no longer have a connection for telephone and internet, social media emerged, and almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet – and new generations of artists have discovered its potential. Since MAMA's exhibition program has included many artists from this new generation – Aids-3d (Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas), Ryan Trecartin and Lizzie Fitch, Dennis de Bel, Brad Troemel, Constant Dullaart, Rafaël Rozendaal, etc. – we thought it was time to pay homage to JODI in the form of a solo exhibition, two curated pages on MAMA's website, and an interview by SandWitz.
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