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Friday July 27th 2007
Sunday August 19th 2007
Opening: 27 July 2007, 07:00 - 11:00 P.M.
Showroom MAMA
Curated by: 
Gyz La Rivière and Fleur Kolk
The exhibition flyer'dam features the flyers from the infamous Rotterdam clubbing-scene from the 80s till now.
The rise of house, acid, gabber, illegal parties, r&b but also tekno, drum 'n' bass, MTC party's, hip-hop, breakbeatz, the alternative scene, easy tune, art pop parties and more are featured in this exhibition, which exists of an installation of more than 2000 flyers.
The exhibition offers a profile of the codes used by people who are clubbing, of a young and widely compiled, urban population, but also shows the palette of graphic styles and influences; flyers tell the story of the love for design, the superficiality of the process and the trends and images that are determined by time and space, through which the development of new digital techniques offered a stage to an entire generation of young designers.

flyer'dam is an overt celebration of everything that matters to us in a city that's about to value our youth and make way for their culture, from the insight that they hold our future.

'Face the Music / On Wheels' it said, a scantily clad lady was holding a drink, while two Blues Brothers were posing on skates in the background; the first flyer to grab my attention was one for the biggest kiddie disco in Rotterdam, every Saturday night at the Energiehal, late eighties. I posted it on my wall and it was like I belonged to some secret society. (The La Rivière Tapes - flyer'dam)

Extra: we will present the book flyer'dam, compiled by Gyz and Fleur. Launched at MAMA, but only available at the shops by 10 August!
Come and have a look, the entrance is free and we have Ted Langenbach spinning the tunes.

And that's not all: the opening is followed by a massive flyer'BAMM party at De Unie & Bootleg Café.

Always were a bit of a crea-creature yourself? Busy with scissors, glue, stencil-machine or a big fat Mac? Look up your name in this long line-up of designers, photographers and illustrators whose work is featured in this show!

Book details
flyer'dam - Rotterdam flyerculture from the 80s till now
Edited by Gyz La Rivière & Fleur Kolk
2007, 224 pages
ISBN / EAN: 978 90 8690 107 4
Published by: Veenman Publishers
available in shops from August 10 2007
available online at
contact: or
phone: 0031 641222655

Supported by: 
Gemeente Rotterdam Dienst Kunst & Cultuur, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam Marketing, Historisch Museum Rotterdam, Fonds voor Beeldende Kunsten, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst, Veenman Drukkers