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Animated Youngsters
Try Outs
Thursday January 1st 2015
Tuesday September 1st 2015
MAMA proudly presents the Animated Youngsters project, a new talent development program for young people. Animated Youngsters consists of a learning program addressing gaming and game culture for a selected group of 14 to 18 year olds. These young people will be selected during the Try Outs in January 2015, after which they will form a collective. Starting in February, the collective starts an intensive program, in which they will develop as real game connoisseurs under the guidance of professionals and coaches.
Animated Youngsters is made up of several parts. The first phase consists of the two Try Outs, which begin on 17 January 2015. For the Try Outs, comprising workshops, performances and meet & greets with professionals from the gaming world, MAMA invites as many young people as possible from Rotterdam and its surrounding areas to show and share with each other their motivation, skills, and enthusiasm. Concluding the day, the scouts will announce the first members of the collective. After the second selection at Try Out # 2 on 24 January 2015, the Animated Youngsters collective will be presented.

Following the Try Outs is the second phase: the learning program. From February 2015, the collective will spend 6 months studying the gaming world and game culture. The Animated Youngsters will attend workshops, excursions to conferences and events, analyse games, and meet professionals from the gaming industry. By exploring the crossovers between art, science, and the Internet, they come into contact with a broad spectrum from the gaming world. In this way, the collective develops a critical stance towards gaming culture and is trained to be young experts. Under the guidance of two coaches, the collective will work towards making their own product in the form of a game or a game concept. The presentation of this product is the third phase of Animated Youngsters. The results and the collective process will be shown to the public in August and September 2015.

The fourth phase of the project, Animated Youngsters Extended, starts in September 2015. It is an online curriculum for secondary schools pupils in the Netherlands, and includes a compressed version of the Animated Youngsters program. The Animated Youngsters collective participate in this program as peers for the students.

MAMA sees the younger generation as leaders in how they deal with the Internet, gaming, and social media. MAMA wants to educate this generation and learn from their knowledge and development in this specific area. The younger generation's technical ability and speed of understanding games enables the discovery of new possibilities and the assigning of different meanings to games.

Animated Youngsters is MAMA's second Rookies Junior project. Rookies Junior focuses on young people aged from 14 to 18 as producers of art: for this target group, creating for yourself is a strong and lasting way of identify with art and culture. The first edition of Rookies Junior was the All Girls Street Art Collective (2012-2013), from which the still active Onskruid collective emerged.

Animated Youngsters continues MAMA's Internet Aware program, which explores the Internet's affect on our culture. Under this heading, we show artists whose work is engaged with the possibilities offered by the Internet. Young people have grown up with the world at their fingertips via smartphones and laptops. The unknown is sought within a second. More significantly, the Internet is increasingly becoming our most important tool and presentation platform; it unites an audience of billions that discusses and contributes to these different platforms.

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