Social Media Week: Gino's Autonomous Zone
Tuesday September 23rd 2014
Friday September 26th 2014
23 September - 26 September, 13:00-14:00
With contributions by: 
Gino van Weenen
During Social Media Week Rotterdam Gino will host you in his own private space on Rotterdam Square, De Rotterdam's public atrium. His performance was originally developed for Showroom MAMA's exhibition Social Image.
In Gino's Autonomous Zone you will be questioned, tried and tricked into new insights. Any subject could fit the 3 minutes that you will get with the artist. It might be trivial or awe-inspiring, but in the end it will get documented. With an enigma of translation devices and schedules Gino will reduce the conversation into not more then 140 characters. The outcome will be published on a Gino's Twitter-account with the hashtag #SMWRdamZone.

Selfies with the artist will not be tolerated.
Social Image