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Een vierdelige jeugdserie over vriendschap, ambitie en street art
Publication Date: Februari 2014
In 2014, MAMA launched ONSKRUID, a four-part series about youth friendship, ambition, and street art. The series was created by documentary filmmakers René van Zundert (Rotterdam, '81) and Marèl Jap-Sam (Amstelveen, '89) as part of MAMA's Junior Rookies project: All Girls Street Art Collective.
During this project, nine Rotterdam girls were selected to participate in an intensive training in the field of street art. Led by MAMA, Dunya, Jade, Jazz, Jeanine, Lara, Robin, Sarah, Suzanne and Yael all took the opportunity and formed their own street art collective, ONSKRUID. The results of the process were shown at MAMA during the exhibition OMIN: ONSKRUID, which ran from April to June in 2013.

This four-part series shows how the ONSKRUID collective handles friendship, ideals, and maturity. Seizing opportunities, the girls create a place where they feel at home. ONSKRUID proves: you can be who you want to be!

The All Girls Street Art Collective project was MAMA's first Junior Rookies project: the youngest Rookies pathway, aimed at 14-18 year olds. Rookies Junior focuses on youth as makers of art. For this group, MAMA believes that being actively creative is an important motivation to identify with and to develop a continued interest in art and culture.

The ONSKRUID series premiered on 27 February 2014 at the Eendracht Festival in Rotterdam. It is currently being distributed to several international film festivals. Follow developments on For educational purposes, the series can be ordered on DVD for €10 via

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