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Locus One
Sunday October 7th 2007
Sunday November 11th 2007
Opening: 7 October 2007, 03:00 - 07:00 P.M.
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Camilla Akraka, Pamela So, Arif Ozacka, Karen Tang, Dwight Marica, Nezaket Ekici, Hassan Darsi
Curated by: 
Ken Pratt (UK)
The exhibition Re-aspora - Locus One is about hybrids and pluralisms. The project reviews the practice of a cohort of unconnected contemporary artists who, through choice, displacement or history, might be seen to have an identity that is plural; western or European and additionally something else.
In some cases, that additional personal identity is connected with personal histories reflecting larger patterns of migration, conflicts or colonialism. However, their work is, at least on certain levels, concerned with a kind of pluralism; a kind of hybridization. All are trained within western art traditions after modernism and conceptualism and this is very evident in their practice. And yet they also harness these understandings of contemporary art practice to produce works in which they reference apparently 'non-Western' forms or traditions. Drawing on traditional pattern, decorative form or even dress traditions, they construct a discourse in which visual meaning simultaneously reference the canon of western contemporary art and something that we immediately recognize as coming from outside those western cultural traditions.

The intention is that the Re-aspora project after its first manifestation at Showroom MAMA will be travelling on to other locations. Rather than a travelling exhibition, each manifestation in a new location will re-contextualise the work of invited artists. This may include an altering line-up of artists or works exhibited in the various locations to which it travels.
Thanks to: 
Angelika Knäpper Gallery, Stockholm
Aeroplastics, Brussels
The Agency Contemporary, London
MuHKA, Antwerp