Social Image - Traject
Saturday February 1st 2014
Sunday August 24th 2014
Curated by: 
Gerben Willers
With great enthusiasm, MAMA presents the six participants of the multidisciplinary project SOCIAL IMAGE: Benjamin Li (artist, NL 1985), Eva Olthof (artist, NL 1983), Gino van Weenen (poet/performer, NL 1986), Helen Flanagan (artist, UK 1988), Marijn de Jong (actor/director, UK 1989) and Puck Verkade (artist, NL 1987).

The title of the project, Social Image, is not yet an institutionalised term, but it has overlaps with topics such as social media, socially engaged performances/happenings, and internet related art. In recent years, MAMA has organised several projects touching on these topics, such as the exhibitions Lizzie Fitch/Ryan Trecartin with Rhett LaRue, Ossie's Bingo Boutique (artist: Oscar Murillo), Survey (artist: Ryan McNamara) and The Fear of Missing Out (artist: Jonas Lund).

From February to June 2014, the participating artists will develop their work or projects in relation to the subject of Social Image. During this work period, artists and guests, including the internet pioneers JODI and Ryan McNamara, winner of Performa 2013 in New York, will facilitate several conversations and meetings relating to this theme. The projects culminate in a presentation in the summer of 2014.
Social Image