Première of the ONSKRUID youth series
Showroom MAMA presents: Première of the ONSKRUID youth series
27 February 2014, 19:00-23:00
Skatepark Westblaak
With contributions by: 
René van Zundert (Rotterdam, '81) en Marèl Jap-Sam (Amstelveen, '89)
The official launch of the ONSKRUID youth series takes place during the Eendracht Festival in Rotterdam on Thursday 27 February 2014.
ONSKRUID is a young Rotterdam street art collective. Led by Showroom MAMA, and with a focus on street art, the group was formed in 2013 and trained as the youngest artists collective in the Netherlands. The documentary makers René van Zundert (Rotterdam, '81) and Marèl Jap-Sam (Amstelveen, '89) followed the girls during their artistic adventure. The ONSKRUID youth series is the result.
ONSKRUID shows how these young street artists deal with friendship, ideals, and growing up. Seizing opportunities, the girls create a place where they feel at home. ONSKRUID proves: you can be who you want to be.

At the Eendracht Festival, the series ONSKRUID can be viewed in an appropriate setting, and you can meet the young collective. The audience will have the opportunity to immortalize themselves in the ONSKRUID photo booth. There's popcorn and drinks too.