Rookies Training Course
Tuesday January 1st 2008
Wednesday December 31st 2008
In the Rookies training project a select group of volunteers are prepared for supporting functions in the art field by staff and specially engaged professionals.
Volunteers have long been important for MAMA; they help the exhibitions and other events succeed.

The MAMA hosts care for the showroom, ensure everything runs smoothly during the exhibition, and give information on the show to visitors who can be young or old, Dutch or foreign. Volunteers also spread promotional material, look after transports in the Netherlands and abroad, and bring the exhibition to fruition in tandem with artists, (guest) curators and production coordinators.

What does the programme for MAMA Rookies look like?
After signing up for the project, the Rookie will have an individual consultation. The Rookies are chosen on the basis of motivation, qualities, skills and interest.

Rookies work for six months, on average five hours per week, as a volunteer. In support, MAMA offers a series of workshops for the Rookies project. In the next half year MAMA offers workshops in photography, video, and writing. There is also homework which you do in your own time. What is learnt in the workshops is then experienced by the Rookies in practice during the projects that MAMA runs this year. Everything which goes wrong and right is discussed and evaluated.

All the Rookies who pass successfully receive a certificate. This indicates that you are qualified to assist at a professional art institution.

How do you become a MAMA Rookie?
Of course we want to ensure you have an affinity with the distinctive MAMA character, also with the exhibitions and other activities we organize. Check out the website if you do not know us before you apply.

Required qualifications:

* Aged 16 to 25
* Good grasp of Dutch and English
* Interest in art and art history
* Interest in communicating with members of the public aged from 8 to 80 and in exhibition curation and production.
* Interest in the depiction of items from MAMA shows in text and (audiovisual) pictures.

Taking part is free, but it will take up some time! MAMA invests in you and you invest in MAMA. There is room in the project for a maximum of 25 volunteers.

If you want to join the Rookies project and come work with us, send an email to with Rookies in the subject line. Please supply your motivations, specific interests, (current) education (CV) and skills. And also give us your date of birth and contact details. We will be in touch for a chat!