Festival De Wereld van Witte de Withkwartier OONALYMPICS - special events
13 through 15 September 2013, OONALYMPIC events: Friday Opening festival 'De Wereld van Witte de Withkwartier', Saturday Food For Thought and Beamer Battle, Sunday Family Day
Between 17 August and 16 September 2013, Showroom MAMA forms the starting point for a summer sports program, a collaboration with design office OONA. Full program and signing up on www.oonalympics.com
Opening festival 'De Wereld van Witte de Withkwartier'
Fri. 13 Sept. 21:00

Location: Witte de Withstraat

Food For Thought
Workshop: Join the fools gold!
Sat. 14 Sept. 14:30–15:00

Together with the festival public, a young art collective stage a shiny still life. Join the fools gold!

Food For Thought
Sat. 14 Sept. 15:30–15:40
Snack lecture by Rosa Sijben

Rosa is not really sure what the difference is between art and the real world, but she likes to talk about it.

Food For Thought
Sat. 14 Sept. 16:15–16:25
Snack lecture Remty Elenga

Remty talks about her upcoming project at MAMA where she puts Hollywood figures in new sets and then films and photographs them.

Sat. 14 Sept., 20:30-23:00

The walls and windows of Showroom MAMA are the battle area for your video projector. Athletes provide their own projector and video material. Of course, it's all about YOU becoming the best VJ of the evening. The audience from the Festival of the World of the Witte de With Quarter decides on the winner.
(open subscription)

Family Day Festival 'De Wereld van Witte de Withkwartier'
Sun. 15 Sept., 12:00-18:00

Download the full program.
Locations: WORM, MAMA, V2_, RSI, TENT, Witte de With, and 't Landje. OONALYMPIC games and clinics the whole day!

Past events:

Fri. 23 Aug., 19:30; start: 20:00 - 02:00

The game being played is UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004!
- Still 10 places available
- Bring your laptop
- Chips and cola provided
Location: Showroom MAMA

Boules, 15 meter lane
Sat. 24 August, begin: 14:00; draw: 14:15; start: 14:30

This Boules lane is extra long! In addition to well-trained muscles, good hand-eye coordination is a plus.
Location: Playground 't Landje, Schiedamse vest

Dodgeball 2.0 Knockout Tournament
Sat. 24 August, Start: 16:00

You played it at school but during the OONALYMPICS it's all about winning or losing. This game of dodgeball is cast in the setting of the video game. Win tools, lose lives, throw, run, and jump. The best team wins.
Maximum number of players per team: 5
Location: Playground 't Landje, Schiedamse Vest

Spoken Word & Poetry Slam
Thu. 29 Aug., 19:30 – 22:00

Poetry Slam—the ultimate word game—comes to the OONALYMPICS In association with Poetry Slam Rotterdam. Five gladiators enter the arena with tongue twisters and word tirades. As in ancient Rome, the public has the power to decide the athlete's fate. The final will create barriers such as have never been seen before in Poetry Slam land.
No words, just deeds. Be there, and encourage the athletes from the stands.
Location: Showroom MAMA

Pest Knockout Tournament
Thu. 29 Aug., 19:45 – 22:00

The Netherland's favourite card game. King gets another turn, Ace changes direction of play, remember the rules and win. The referee will keep an eye out for cheating. The athletes with the most points go to the next table.
Max. number of athletes: 25
Location: Showroom MAMA

Bottle Football XXL Knockout Tournament
Fri. 30 Aug., 17:00

An extra large version of bottle football! Plastic bottles filled with water, the whistle blows and the match begins. Will you attack, or defend your bottle?
Location: BAR, Schieblock 201

Workout, Cooling Down Party
Fri. 30 Aug, from 22:00

Train your muscles and focus on the balance between body and mind, during dance workouts and mini-games to the muziek of the BAR DJs. Trade your sports drink for something stronger.
The WORKOUT begins at 22:00, and is preceeded by a skate video contest:
See Facebook event Bar skate48

Free entry to BAR for Bottle Footbal XXL participants. Powered by OONALYMPICS, BAR and Showroom MAMA
Location: BAR, Schieblock 201

IKEA Games
Sat. 31 Aug., open: 14:00, start: 14:15

Assembling an IKEA cabinet has always been a major challenge. Which team will work best together and be first to make an IKEA cabinet? The game is played in teams of two.
max. of athletes per team: 2
max. number of teams: 5
location: Showroom MAMA

Know Your Clip Game
Fri. 6 Sept., 19:30

A game of video clips, guessing titles, and answering questions. This should be no problem for the MTV, TMF generation!
max. number of athletes per team: 3

Movie Marathon
Sat. 7 & 8 Sept., 19:00-01:00

For six hours, your movie knowledge, your stamina, your enthusiasm, and ingenuity are put to the test. The team that knows how to score the most time is awarded the title
total number of teams: 5.
max. number of athletes per team: 5
location: Showroom MAMA

Around The Table Tournament
Sun. 8 Sept. register: until 15:30, draw: 15:45, start: 16:00

Table tennis at OONALYMPISCH level. Get your team to the final by beating the rest. Will your team be the champions of the table?
location: Showroom MAMA
Supported by: 
Deelgemeente Centrum, Stichting Kunstblock