photo OONA
photo OONA
The opening of OONALYMPICS, sports with a twist: A sumowrestling championship in Showroom Mama Rotterdam. This video shows Gino van Weenen & Toby Hijze in the second part of the match.
OONALYMPICS Film Marathon. 7 September 2013 Made by: Marèl Jap-Sam and Nick Aberson
OONALYMPICS Thumb wrestling. 30 August 2013.
From Saturday 17 August until Sunday 15 September 2013
Showroom MAMA, playground 't Landje, Schotse Kerk, Waalse Kerk, BAR
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OONA; Sander van Loon (NL, 1985) and Merijn van Essen (NL, 1983)
OONALYMPICS is a collaboration between design office OONA and Showroom MAMA. Between 17 August and 16 September 2013, Showroom MAMA forms the starting point for a summer sports program. The OONALYMPICS are a series of sports events that feature existing, forgotten and yet to be developed. The full program is available on, where participants can also sign up.
During the opening event on Friday 16 August, the public will get a taste of what the OONALYMPICS has to offer, with a demonstration by the Dutch sumo wrestling team, airplane-folding, thumb wrestling and a champions bar.

Program Friday 16 August:
18.00 - 20.00: Sign-up for thumb wrestling knockout tournament
19.30 - 20.00: Dutch Sumo Wrestling finals
20.15 - 20.30: Draw for the thumb wrestling tournament
20.30 - 22.00: Start thumb wrestling knockout tournament
18.00 - 22.00: Champions bar

OONALYMPICS is a project that brings together sports and design. For OONA, the social aspect of design is very important; an essential element of design is creating connections between a message and its receivers.

The OONALYMPIC games will take place in the Cool neighbourhood of Rotterdam, a very diverse neighbourhood with a relatively large amount of outdoor space. Parents bring their children to school and there is a large group of active residents who dedicate themselves to the neighbourhood in many different ways. There are churches, a skate park, neighbourhood associations, sport clubs, etc. Sports are a key part of the arrangement of the space. The neighbourhood representative is active in bringing together different groups of residents through sports and games. The Rotterdam arts community also comes together on this cultural axis.

The OONALYMPICS aims to bring together all the different groups in Cool and create lasting connections between the neighbourhood, sports and culture. For the OONALYMPICS, OONA has created a graphic identity which will transform the district into an OONALYMPIC park for the duration of the project. The participation of the neighbourhood is essential for the project to be a success. OONALYMPICS will strengthen this commitment.

During the Wereld van het Witte de Withkwartier festival from September 13-14-15, a festive grand finale will take place with participation of other cultural institutions on the Witte de Withstraat. After the OONALYMPICS a number of objects, such as the grandstand from the presentation at MAMA, will be donated to the local residents to further develop their ambitions.
Thanks to: 
Babis Daoutis, Bart Boogaard, BAR, Boudewijn Bollmann, Buurtbestuurt Cool, Buurtlab, Caja Sieben, COS (Cool op straat), Cultuurscout Centrum, Daniel Bennett, Deborah Riupassa, FC Zylyn, Fietstaxi Rotterdam, Gaston Jongerenburger, Gido Cuppens, Jeanine Vloemans, Joey Verberkt, Karst Tjoelker, Kunstblock, Lauren Brand, Machiel van der Plas, Marèl Jap-Sam, Merijn Haenen, Mike Leach (Mesh Print Club), Perry Kruithof, Sander van der Pol, Sarah Schönberger, Schotse Kerk, Steven Lukas, Suzanne Koopstra, TOS (Thuis op straat), Vincent van Gorkom, Wereld van Witte de Withkwartier, Wijkatelier (Jeanne Works), Waalse Kerk, Yos Purwanto en vele anderen.
Supported by: 
Deelgemeente Centrum, Stichting Kunstblock