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Photo Kim Bouvy
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Photo Mothership
Art in public space
Twist & Shout
Unveiling: Friday 12 July at 16:00
Public demo/lesson: 16:30-18:00 (bring your
Willemsplein, at the foot of the
Erasmus Bridge (next to Café Prachtig)
With contributions by: 
Martand Khosla
Twist & Shout is the winning design from Reclaiming
the Street – an international ideas competition organised
by Showroom MAMA in 2010. Twist & Shout,
designed by Martand Khosla from New Delhi, was
selected from more than 85 entries submitted by
students, artists, skateboarders, and designers from
around world with an affinity for skateboard culture.

The competition called for ideas on an object that
had to be skate-able, as well as being an artwork.
We wanted to improve the quality of public space
and build a bridge between its different users.
Skateboard culture is based on the idea of 'playing
man' and its starting point is the city as playground.
Alongside this competition we released a publication
of the same name: Reclaiming the Street, ISBN
9789460830433 (English version).

Jury favourite Twist & Shout exceeded everyone's expectations.
The design is as simple as it is effective:
a twisted strip ("wokkel"). The shape is derived from
the movements of skateboarders: a flowing, continuous
movement. In all its simplicity, the form has great
sculptural beauty. Its rotation is designed to provide
the skateboarder with as much of a challenge as
possible. Twist & Shout needs to be discovered and

The object is made of a twisted metal frame covered
with recycled wood from an old church floor. Meta
Plus in Alphen a/d Rijn built it; production was handled
by Mothership.

The unveiling
On Friday 12 July at 16:00 there will be an official unveiling
ceremony where Mrs Antoinette Laan, alderman
for sport, recreation, art and culture, will hand
over Twist & Shout to the residents of the city. The
designer Martand Khosla will be present.
Everyone is then invited to take a skateboard lesson by Louisa Menke and Leander Geelhoed.

Twist & Shout effectively complements the existing
skateboard facilities as well as Rotterdam's public
art collection. MAMA is very proud that – through the
bringing together of forces – the project's realisation
has been successful.
Thanks to: 
Mothership, Rotterdam, Metaplus, Alphen a/d Rijn.
Supported by: 
Twist & Shout's realisation is made possible by:
DOEN Foundation, City of Rotterdam, CBK Art in public
The unveiling event is made possible by: District Rotterdam City Centre, and Café Prachtig.