Design: OONA<br />Text: Gino van Weenen<br />(Sometimes we look, both elsewhere.)
Design: OONA
Text: Gino van Weenen
(Sometimes we look, both elsewhere.)
Invitation AND FURTHER
Invitation AND FURTHER
5 October 2013 three expeditions by Rosa Sijben
Saturday 5 October 2013
Start first expedition, 11:00
Start second expedition, 14:00
Start third expedition, 16:00

Due to the limited number of places it is necessary to register for one of the expeditions. Subscribe!

In October, MAMA presents the project AND FURTHER by Rosa Sijben. For this project, three expeditions will set off from MAMA. Participants travel by bike to an undisclosed location for an intriguing and alienating performance.

Rosa Sijben graduated in 2012 from Amsterdam's Gerrit Rietveld Academy, and has gone on to present several projects in The Netherlands and abroad. In her performances, installations, and objects, she questions the meaning of objects and actions. She plays with seemingly opposing categories such as form and function or the dividing line between art and everyday life.

"Categories such as doing or owning something for practical reasons versus doing or owning something to show off. Or like art versus the rest of life. My favourite objects and actions suggest functionality but ultimately leave the question of what exactly that function is unanswered", says Rosa Sijben. In AND FURTHER she alerts the viewer to the fact that categorisation is a subjective act. What we regard as the same is not an objective given or fact but can be interpreted in different ways.

The works of Rosa Sijben never stand alone, but create a situation around which the public can participate. As such, AND FURTHER continues MAMA's thematic programing strand All Together Now, which focuses on 'participant activated installations' and performances where a role is reserved for the public. Artists are the drivers of events and evenings that would never exist without their terms and conditions.

"I like to talk about the moment of the now, like the very moment you read this sentence."

Joining an expedition?
Expeditions take place on: Saturday 5 October at 11:00, 14:00 & 16:00 hour.
Showroom MAMA serves as a meeting point. Please bring your own bike. Participation is free but a voluntary contribution is very welcome by using the collecting box in the showroom.
Register at least one day in advance. Subscribe!

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