Opening: Friday 10 May 2013, 17:00-22.00. From 11 May until 27 May 2013.
With contributions by: 
Maurice Gobert, Simcha van Helden, Diedrik Sibma, Maud Vink, Rowan van As, Jasper Lammers, Henry Schofield, Andrea Grevink
Curated by: 
MAMA: Gerben Willers, Margriet Brouwer
WdkA: Lizan Freijsen, Karin Arink, Florian Cramer
MEME @ MAMA is a project where students from the Willem de Kooning Academy delved into the subject of internet memes. An internet meme is a concept that is spread from person to person via the internet in the form of a picture, video or audio file, rumour or quote; via any internet channel that allows voluntary sharing.
An important characteristic of the meme is that it can take many different forms and versions. For instance, consider the currently popular 'Harlem Shake'. Other recently popular memes include the Techno Viking, All Your Base Are Belong To Us, and the Nyan Cat.
For the MEME @ MAMA project the students of the Willem de Kooning Academy approached and examined memes from different angles, and were supported by MAMA's Margriet Brouwer and Gerben Willers. Florian Cramer, lecturer at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, also provided the students with his invaluable knowledge.

The student's research eventually led to an exhibition proposal in which the analogue sharing and dissemination of information is examined in parallel to digital modes of spreading information. The investigation into the meme phenomenon will take shape in a presentation opening at MAMA on 10 May 2013. Will the students succeed in creating an analogue meme?

The concept of the meme was first described in 1976 by the evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. In this book Dawkins attempts to explain how (genetic) information is spread. Internet memes can be seen as a gene subset specific to the culture and manifestations of the internet.

MEME @ MAMA is part of MAMA's 'Internet Aware' programming strand. The internet is the most dominant medium of our time. The analogue and digital world are increasingly intertwined. The internet permeates our daily lives while simultaneously providing opportunities to influence and manipulate our identities. Within the Internet Aware theme we are showing the work of artists engaged with the possibilities and impact of the internet on our visual culture.
This cooperation with the Willem de Kooning Academy is a pilot project investigating possibilities for close cooperation between MAMA's Rookies courses and the programs of the Willem de Kooning Academy.
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Willem de Kooning Academie