Photo by: Sofie van Esch<br />
Photo by: Sofie van Esch
Photo by: Sofie van Esch
Photo by: Sofie van Esch
Saturday March 30th 2013
Sunday June 2nd 2013
Opening Friday 29 March, 17:00-21:00 hours
Showroom MAMA
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Onskruid, a collective consisting of Dunya van der Meulen (Capelle a/d IJssel, 1997), Jade Tseng (Taipei, 1997), Jazz Leigh (Schiedam, 1996), Jeanine Vloemans (Capelle a/d IJssel, 1995), Lara Soliman (Caïro, 1997), Suzanne Koopstra (Rotterdam, 1996), Sarah Mhaouach (Rotterdam, 1999), Robin Cuppens (Rotterdam, 1995), Yael Keijzer (Haifa, 1997)
MAMA proudly presents the first exhibition of Onskruid, a collective of nine girls, which originated from the All Girls Street Art Collective talent development project. OMIN: ONSKRUID is the result of an innovative educational project in which a group of young girls led by MAMA has quickly developed into the youngest generation of artists and art professionals.
The All Girls Street Art Collective project was launched last autumn. Through a process of Try Outs the nine ambitious and talented 14-18 year olds were selected and invited to participate in an intensive learning process, through a rich supply of master classes, studio visits, and excursions. The group has developed into a strong collective calling themselves Onskruid. For MAMA, talent development and exhibitions go hand in hand and the All Girls Street Art Collective is a clear example of this new direction.

The All Girls Street Art Collective is consistent with the Rookies program, MAMA's talent development program for 16-26 year olds. Rookies gain work experience in the cultural field by partnering with MAMA to develop and implement projects. The Rookies have been closely involved with developing this project, and the recruitment and coaching of Onskruid.

The All Girls Street Art Collective is the first Rookies Junior project: the youngest branch of the Rookies program. Aimed at 14-18 year olds, Rookies Junior focuses on the youth as makers of art. For this group MAMA believes that being actively making and creative is an important motivation to identify themselves with, and to develop a continued interest in, art and culture.
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HipHopHuis, Rotterdam
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Kroonpart, Rotterdam
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City of Rotterdam; Fonds Cultuurparticipatie