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Wednesday February 6th 2008
Sunday February 10th 2008
Showroom MAMA
With contributions by: 
Pär Strömberg (SE/NL, 1972), Andrew Schoultz (USA, 1977), Aukje Dekker (NL, 1983), Vivian Wenli Lin (USA/NL, 1979), Jan van Nuenen (NL, 1978).
Curated by: 
Nous Faes and John de Weerd
The horizon is inextricably linked to the landscape. Metaphorically the horizon symbolizes hope and longing, while the absence of a horizon represents hopelessness and pessimism. This experience of simultaneous conflicting emotions characterizes the work of the five dedicated artists that MAMA brings together in Project(or).
We're all going to the Booty up Project(or) party at the Gay Palace Friday 8 February. The night begins at 11:00 P.M. and ends at 05:00 A.M. There's a super-exciting lineup! So come have a look and don't come too late - we're starting early with the livesets. First with the debut of Machinegewehr, followed by Rotterdam's sweetheart Monica Electronica, whilst DJ 200,000 Turntables plays upstairs. 01:00 P.M. sees a performance by Martin Duvall and the throbbing dark sound of Feral (Cantakerous).

To end the night in style we have some international highlights: from London Durrr resident Rory Phillips and 'born beautiful and talented' Eric D Clark - you might know him from 'Disco to disco' or his work with Tiefschwarz?

Damage 3 euro, two floors, mixed. If we are full then we're full!